Helping you mobilise your inner resources to achieve your dreams

Some business owners say the benefit of their coaching sessions

Amongst other things, is the chance to sit down….

-siGeoMRdacpcCUDnHpZM8V-bpn7ZeRzCBdOBqPcqD8I’ve run my own successful SME so I know just how blurred the lines can be between home and work life. Frustration can often creep in when income doesn’t align with effort and long-term plans are difficult without outside objectivity.

As an SME owner I definitely encountered challenges I didn’t face as an executive in a corporate environment.

The results your business achieves impact directly and immediately on your income

Action – oriented, you spend your time and energy working in the business; this leaves you with no time to work on your business.

As a result, your focus is on the here and now, but you sometimes wonder how to shape your business in readiness for retirement

Delivering business results means your time is at an absolute premium

Work frequently spills over into your private or family time

You don’t have anyone you can talk to about business critical issues and find it difficult to see your business objectively

As one in three SMEs fail in their first three years, the pressure is on. Juggling, often alone, the marketing, cash-flow, business planning, raising of finance, etc. is like keeping many plates spinning simultaneously on poles.

Often, SME owners employ members of their families (some put it as high as 43%). On one hand, talented and trusted relatives may be perfect employees but on the other, if they are a less than perfect worker, it creates a complicated dynamic to resolve – especially if the tension is between a founding family member and their children.

Those who leave the corporate world to take up posts in SMEs can miss the relative safety of the corporate hierarchy and organisational and HR processes, even if they made the move because they once found these frustrating. And having been a specialist in a corporate environment, it can be a shock to their system to now be a jack of all trades, with a steep learning curve and a need to roll up their sleeves; perhaps the grass seems greener (or another chair appears comfier) whichever role you sit in? Few roles or careers (if any) encounter still waters, compliant colleagues/management or trouble-free working environments. Management Coaching – helping you to confidently spin all those plates at the same time – is invaluable in helping you overcome issues and obstacles to achieve your goals.

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