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Monthly Archives: August, 2013

What exactly IS executive coaching?

Beautifully simple and straightforward explanation of a topic that can seem overcomplicated.  Love the explanation of how coaching achieves performance improvements and the clear distinction between coaching and therapy. For more information regarding executive coaching, contact me on 01302 220221.

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Confidence, ahoy! How anchoring can bring a clear, effective and positive state of mind

Six steps that will boost your confidence, wherever and whenever you want Anchoring is a simple and effective psychometric tool/technique I often use with my executive coaching clients, to ensure they’re in their most effective state of mind for any task. Anchoring is a natural process.  Every one of us will be familiar with the …

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As a boss or leader, how do you fare when delivering bad news…such as: “You’re redundant”?

Telling someone their job’s redundant? Even though you may not have made the decision, it is often the manager’s responsibility to communicate unwelcome decisions. Approaching the giving of bad news in a businesslike manner and viewing it as just another management task – like selection or delegation – helps in such a situation.  Giving bad news …

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As a leader, are you too important to even remember people’s names?

“Oh, come on. You are joking, right?” was my unspoken reaction when this was raised in a coaching session recently.  Do leaders need to remember people’s names? Can they afford not to? There is clear evidence that hearing our name activates unique brain functioning.  But do we need evidence of this?  Think about it – …

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