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Monthly Archives: February, 2014

Employers’ bereavement policies: A step in the right direction, or the wrong approach?

It can be devastating when an employee suffers loss: devastating to them as a person, and to the part they play in the company. Lack of focus can prove hazardous in some roles; at the very worst, it can lower productivity and it can even have an affect on colleagues in the same workplace.   …

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From Sex and the Workplace to….Ex and the Workplace

Last week saw Valentine’s Day arrive, and Cupid’s bow was no doubt in overdrive. Love was in the air and whilst most relationships find a way to keep the fuzzy, heady days of passion alight, for some couples, it’s just a fact of life that they don’t work out quite so well. Last week, I …

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Sex and the….Workplace?

Last week I talked about the negative effects that can arise from a lack of boundaries in the workplace. This week I want to discuss the subject of friendliness on an even more intimate scale: dating co-workers. The television show ‘Sex and the City’ shone a light on our more accepting views of relationships outside …

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Can a manager be a friend as well as an authority to staff in the workplace?

As an employee, it can be good to class the people you spend eight hours a day with as friends, rather than just colleagues – if only so the day passes by more pleasantly and team spirit stays strong. However, do you think the opposite is advisable for executives, supervisors or team managers? Boundaries are …

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