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Monthly Archives: March, 2014

Do we always notice someone in need? Homelessness: a Big Issue

I made a discovery recently that my maternal great-grandmother had been homeless at some point in her life, walking from Doncaster to Leeds or Halifax, accompanied by my grandmother, selling her wares to make enough money to eat and stopping at workhouses en route. When I was chatting to Mum about it, she was dismayed …

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Managers/Executives: Are you confusing your staff with your body language?

Statistics have shown that 50% of what we say to people isn’t communicated through our speech but through our body language. That means, without understanding how your posture, non-verbal gestures, eye contact, etc. influence those you’re speaking to, you’re at risk of them only comprehending you half of the time. What is non-verbal communication?   …

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My tips towards a happy, healthy, effective work/life balance

Whilst technology and the ability to have a mobile office have made working easier it has also brought its problems. Being able to work anywhere and everywhere has left the decision of when to work firmly in the hands of the individual. Reports can be written during the commute; meetings can be held across oceans …

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Are pay rises a thing of the past?

It’s an understatement to say the recession has changed the economic landscape of the country. Whilst most people may think of personal savings, the rising cost of living and cuts in public spending are elements that will take years to dissipate or improve; few would expect their wages to take the same long-term approach. Leading …

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We all have the same 24 hours: do you find yourself continually wishing there were ‘more hours in the day’?

I recently read a fascinating article about Harriet Green, the CEO of Thomas Cook, and someone who gets by on just four hours of sleep per day. Amazingly, this is not detrimental to her performance; like Margaret Thatcher during her career, Harriet positively thrives on such little sleep. Scientists recommend we get an average of …

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