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Monthly Archives: April, 2014

So, your C.V. was successful and you’ve bagged an interview. What now? (Part 1 – Interview technique)

Congratulations: your CV has won you an interview! But now what? Here are my tips on how to make the right impression…. So, your tailored, well-laid-out CV has got you a foot in the door and a fighting chance for the job. A phone call or letter has delivered an interview and your odds to …

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How to set out a successful C.V. – Part 2

Last week I demonstrated the best way to start a successful CV. This week I’ll go through the remaining sections, and explain what the employer will be looking for. If following my tips, you’ll have already covered your contact details, your ‘headline’/elevator pitch and your key skills and achievements. Now, let’s move onto the section …

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How to set out a successful C.V. – Part 1

We’ve heard many reports now that the job market is improving. The green shoots of growth are, apparently, stimulating expansion and confidence in businesses which is having the knock-on effect of creating new jobs.  A consequence of this is that the candidate pool is shrinking. Though slight, this may be one of the reasons why …

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Compare Nelson Mandela and Alan Sugar: humility and inspiration versus charismatic delivery and strong opinions. Who would you consider to be the better leader?

 Though the majority of people reading this would assume Mandela’s model to be perfect for the workplace, it may surprise you that the stereotypical style of leadership – the confident, almost ‘pushy’ approach – is still one favoured by many. Labelled as ‘charismatic’, the talkative, extrovert manager is one likely to be more successful. Is …

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