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Monthly Archives: May, 2014

How to lead a team to success

I explained last week the differences between a group and a team, and used the Tuckman model to demonstrate the stages team members go through to become a cohesive, effective and purposeful unit. But what about the leader?  If you’re the one everyone looks to for direction, how should you tackle, or react to, each …

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Are you part of a TEAM? Or are you one of a GROUP? What’s the difference?

To most, they probably sound the same: a number of people, together at the same time, for the same purpose. However, they are different entities. A group tends to be a more informal gathering of individuals lacking specific roles and a shared vision.  A team, by nature, is more action-orientated. Containing a firm structure – …

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My tips for a successful interview…Part 2. Sell yourself!

Your name’s being called for your interview. Now’s the time to apply all your preparation and sell yourself…. Last week I shared how to prepare for the interview day, as if career coaching one of my clients: how to research the company/interviewer and practising appropriate answers to questions they may ask. Now the interview is …

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