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Monthly Archives: January, 2015

What’s new in the field of leadership?

The progression of our society, shifts in values, and even technology, influence us greatly. In turn, these mould our behaviour – for example, consider how many of our attitudes today vary from those of our parents’ generation. The only constant in life is that things never stay the same. Leadership is more about the people …

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What qualities must a good leader have?

I’ve talked many times on the subject of leadership, and what successful leaders need to do in order to get the best from their team – and it’s always good insight and advice to repeat. I’ve compared styles of leadership, and even leaders themselves, such as Alan Sugar and Nelson Mandela, who have huge variations …

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Tattoos in the workplace – do they leave a mark on your career?

Living in a free country, we have the liberty to look and dress how we want. Some choose to entrench their sense of identity with tattoos, particularly younger people, having grown up with pop stars and sporting heroes inked from head to toe. When you’re a celebrity you have a certain carte blanche to do …

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A weighty issue: Does being obese damage your chances of promotion?

As I reported in my last blog, a person’s outer/physical image is not necessarily the most influential factor when choosing candidates for promotion – based on a recent study. However, you wouldn’t have to trawl the internet for long to find examples of discrimination against employees based on their physical appearance, and cases where workers …

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