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Congratulations to our client Dimensions UK for being nominated as a finalist in 3 categories at the Business Culture Awards

We’re delighted to congratulate our client – Dimensions UK – for being nominated as a finalist in 3 – yes, that’s 3 – categories at the Business Culture Awards.

The nominations are for Aspire – the amazing Career Development programme we co created around three years ago. Since then, we have coached clients across eight separate Waves. Today, I’m going to describe to you why we were invited to help Dimensions UK create this programme and some highlights of our joint achievements.

What was the business need for Aspire?

Dimensions provide first class support to people with learning disabilities and those who experience autism. Just like any organization in the care sector it needs to retain its best staff over the long term. Long term staff enable long term trusting, productive relationships between team members and the people they support. Staff retention in the social care sector is not only business critical, it is also a badge of quality. We addressed this need through the creation of Aspire.

Every participant with a place on the programme has a career coach, and crafts a development plan to help them achieve their career objectives, all supported through 5 coaching sessions and Aspire exclusive workshops.

And the results?

Latest data clearly shows for participants on Waves 1-6:

  • 83% participants report career growth
  • 100% say the work they do relates to Dimensions values
  • 94% are more motivated as a result of being on Aspire
  • 92% are confident they can progress their career at Dimensions
  • 90% feel more connected to the work they do as a result of being on Aspire
  • 87% feel Dimensions is a better place to work than other organisations in the care sector
  • 88% feel Dimensions offers good opportunities for career growth
  • At completion of Aspire, of those who disclosed they were considering leaving Dimensions earlier, 100% had changed their minds
  • Agency staff costs are expensive, so a 40% lower sickness absence amongst participants than others in Dimensions is another clear return on investment.

One of the most significant ways that Aspire has had an impact on culture at Dimensions and on individuals, is an uplift in personal confidence. Confidence levels jump from 60% to 94% in the first 3 months. The impact of this on the lives of the people Dimensions supports can’t be overstated.

Staff throughout the organisation noticed the impact too – within a year of the introduction of Aspire, the annual staff survey showed a 14% increase of “Dimensions provides people with good prospects for promotion and development”.

Important external perceptions are also reflecting this change. Within a year, CQC Inspections reflected positive comments about career development:

“Staff told us that there were good opportunities for career development”

And what about retention?

Average turnover across the social care sector is 27% and rising. Average annual turnover rate of Aspire participants is running at just 6%.


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