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How can the social care sector ensure it retains its best staff?

Coaching team

Employees that don’t buy-in to company values are highly likely to leave. It is critical that the workforce is supported with a development strategy and talent management programme that supports participants to enrich their roles.

Doing just that we co created the Aspire Career Development Programme with Dimensions UK, one of the UK’s largest not-for-profits, who support people with learning disabilities, autism, challenging behaviour and complex needs. The programme provided staff with access to coaching which helped them achieve their personal and career objectives, and create a workable development plan.

Providing individuals with the opportunity to ‘craft’ their current job role into something more meaningful resulted in employees being more hopeful about the future, believing their job role and responsibilities had been enhanced or changed as a result.

Creating a culture of enrichment can result in incredibly empowering transformations. My recent work with Dimensions UK supports this.

On completion participants 83% report career growth, 94% are more motivated as a result, 92% are confident they can progress their career, 90% feel more connected to the work, 87% feel the company is a better place to work than other organisations in the sector, 88% feel the company offers good opportunities for career growth, 40% lower sickness absence amongst participants and of those considering leaving 100% changed their minds.

One of the most significant ways coaching had an impact on culture and individuals was through an uplift in personal confidence. Confidence levels jumped from 60% to 94% in the first three months. The impact of this on the lives of the people being supported can’t be overstated.

Prior to our work a Dimensions UK staff survey found that two thirds of their workforce felt that there were few opportunities for career progression at Dimensions. Within a year of the introduction of the Aspire Programme a subsequent staff survey showed a 14% increase of people with good prospects for promotion and development. our career growth percentage, although other measure such as turnover are stable. At completion,  94% participants are more motivated as a result of being on Aspire and 92% are confident they can progress their career at Dimensions.

And what about retention?

Average annual turnover of participants is just 6%.

Aspire worked for Dimensions UK – So much so they won the Business Culture Achievement Award: Public/Not-For-Profit Business Culture Leadership Award at the Business Culture Awards and were finalists in the Business Culture Achievement Award: Large Business and Business Culture Leadership Award.

So thrilled to have been a part of the transformation.

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