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Creating an evaluative coaching programme

Dimensions UK wanted to set up a highly personalised, coaching-led career development programme that was both affordable and effective, with evaluation measures that clearly supported the investment. This was the challenge for Simon Gosney, Head of Learning and Development at the Dimensions Group and Angela Sabin, Principal Coach at Executive Life Coaching.   Together, we set …

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How can the social care sector ensure it retains its best staff?

Employees that don’t buy-in to company values are highly likely to leave. It is critical that the workforce is supported with a development strategy and talent management programme that supports participants to enrich their roles. Doing just that we co created the Aspire Career Development Programme with Dimensions UK, one of the UK’s largest not-for-profits, …

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Angela Sabin features in a CMI first

Angela Sabin features in the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) magazine Professional Manager in the first of its kind feature where experts in their field are chosen to go head-to-head on a subject. Angela was chosen to go head-to-head with Svend Brinkmann author of ‘Stand Firm: Resisting the self-improvement Craze.’ on the topic of coaching. Titled …

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Congratulations to our client Dimensions UK for being nominated as a finalist in 3 categories at the Business Culture Awards

We’re delighted to congratulate our client – Dimensions UK – for being nominated as a finalist in 3 – yes, that’s 3 – categories at the Business Culture Awards. The nominations are for Aspire – the amazing Career Development programme we co created around three years ago. Since then, we have coached clients across eight …

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