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Public speaking: is it something of a delight, or an aspect you dread?

It’s a common misconception that the best public speakers are born that way, that it’s a natural trait few of us are lucky enough to enjoy. Public speaking isn’t something only politicians or the clergy carry out in their working week – it’s a common element in most careers nowadays. Even if you’re giving a …

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Mindfulness: a popular, often bandied-about word. But what does it mean?

There are a few interpretations or ways to describe mindfulness, but one is: ‘being in the moment’. If that still seems too vague, it’s an appreciation and awareness of everything you’re doing…right now. It means not longing for what you don’t have, or constantly chasing your tail to achieve one deadline after another without stopping …

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Confidence, ahoy! How anchoring can bring a clear, effective and positive state of mind

Six steps that will boost your confidence, wherever and whenever you want Anchoring is a simple and effective psychometric tool/technique I often use with my executive coaching clients, to ensure they’re in their most effective state of mind for any task. Anchoring is a natural process.  Every one of us will be familiar with the …

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