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My tips towards a happy, healthy, effective work/life balance

Whilst technology and the ability to have a mobile office have made working easier it has also brought its problems. Being able to work anywhere and everywhere has left the decision of when to work firmly in the hands of the individual. Reports can be written during the commute; meetings can be held across oceans …

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Networking, Part 4: “Thank you and goodbye” – the art of exiting a conversation

This may seem a given to most people, that we’d know the best, most appropriate time to exit a conversation. But if a fruitful discussion is a two-way street, you’re at risk of coming across as abrupt, or someone who witters on endlessly, simply because you can’t know what the other person is/people are thinking. …

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The art of networking, Part 2: Making introductions and beneficial contacts

In my last post, I suggested that networking was a skill in business, or in one’s career, that can be mastered. In some cases, executive coaching clients of mine have had networking commitments expected of them as part of a new role/promotion, and have consequently been forced to ‘hit the ground running’ – a situation …

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