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Do you know, or can you think of a collective noun for leaders?

Later today, I am previewing a new leadership workshop.  For the icebreaker, I have created posters of a number of leaders that will be on the walls as participants arrive. I plan to invite the participants to choose a leader who they think best merits the title of leader, and then say the single most …

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Entrepreneurs and effective leadership

There’s no doubt that having an entrepreneurial streak is a benefit, in today’s companies and organisations. As competition grows, and as fewer ‘trails’ are ‘blazed’, it’s often innovation, of an existing product or service, for example, that gives businesses the edge against their competitors. But the entrepreneur in us isn’t restricted to product development or …

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Do you find it difficult to say ‘no’?

The “n” word.  So short, so sweet and yet so difficult for some to say.  Some of my career coaching and management coaching clients lead lives that are full to the brim with helping others. Yes, they are caring people.  Yes, other people describe them as helpful.  But, if they feel resentful, and can’t seem …

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As a boss or leader, how do you fare when delivering bad news…such as: “You’re redundant”?

Telling someone their job’s redundant? Even though you may not have made the decision, it is often the manager’s responsibility to communicate unwelcome decisions. Approaching the giving of bad news in a businesslike manner and viewing it as just another management task – like selection or delegation – helps in such a situation.  Giving bad news …

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As a leader, are you too important to even remember people’s names?

“Oh, come on. You are joking, right?” was my unspoken reaction when this was raised in a coaching session recently.  Do leaders need to remember people’s names? Can they afford not to? There is clear evidence that hearing our name activates unique brain functioning.  But do we need evidence of this?  Think about it – …

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