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The humble agenda: it’s just a list, right?

There’s little doubt to anyone planning a meeting that an agenda is something to be considered, if only so the host remembers what they called the meeting for in the first place. But is that really all an agenda is useful for? Meetings can easily run into unchartered waters, where attendees can start discussing what …

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We all have it, but do we all use it wisely? It’s often said that time is money; you wouldn’t waste your hard-earned, so why waste your time?

It doesn’t matter if you work for yourself or for someone else – time management is crucial for success. Poor time management means days run into each other but not much gets done; having a good grasp of the virtues of organisation, of processes and planning and your productivity can rocket. You won’t gain more …

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Executives: Does your approach to delegation mirror the mule’s?

Managing staff, responsibilities and endless work tasks can prove heavy loads to carry. Shoulder everything like a mule – the beast of burden – and you risk procrastination and obstacles that affect you and your staff. Delegation is a necessary element of management and team building – implemented correctly and your job will be infinitely …

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