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The culture of personality vs. character: why do we like our leaders to be charismatic?

Does this make them a better leader? A better person? There’s no doubt that an ability to communicate helps, when leaders need to mould or steer their team, and, therefore, an extrovert personality seems ideally suited. But following on from my last post, it’s not a direct link that ‘he who shouts loudest, shouts the …

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Does brainstorming actually work?

In a recent post I suggested that certain qualities were perhaps underrated in today’s leadership ideal. In the post, I included Susan Cain’s argument that the world needs a balance of both introverts and extroverts (extraverts), that without the quieter amongst us, we wouldn’t have Google, the theory of gravity, Harry Potter or the PC. …

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Compare Nelson Mandela and Alan Sugar: humility and inspiration versus charismatic delivery and strong opinions. Who would you consider to be the better leader?

 Though the majority of people reading this would assume Mandela’s model to be perfect for the workplace, it may surprise you that the stereotypical style of leadership – the confident, almost ‘pushy’ approach – is still one favoured by many. Labelled as ‘charismatic’, the talkative, extrovert manager is one likely to be more successful. Is …

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