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My tips on how to prepare for executive coaching, so that you get the most from your sessions

I recently created a video that explains what to expect from a coaching session. For some executives, coaching is something they’ve not engaged before and, naturally, people can be apprehensive regarding the coaching process and what may be asked of them. In this post, I’m going to go deeper into aspects mentioned in the video, …

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The art of networking, Part 2: Making introductions and beneficial contacts

In my last post, I suggested that networking was a skill in business, or in one’s career, that can be mastered. In some cases, executive coaching clients of mine have had networking commitments expected of them as part of a new role/promotion, and have consequently been forced to ‘hit the ground running’ – a situation …

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Need help but unsure what to expect? Find out what REALLY happens in an executive coaching session…

Ever wondered what really happens in an Executive Coaching session? This video describes a structure of a coaching session, and who does what during the session.

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What exactly IS executive coaching?

Beautifully simple and straightforward explanation of a topic that can seem overcomplicated.  Love the explanation of how coaching achieves performance improvements and the clear distinction between coaching and therapy. For more information regarding executive coaching, contact me on 01302 220221.

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