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Sex and the….Workplace?

Last week I talked about the negative effects that can arise from a lack of boundaries in the workplace. This week I want to discuss the subject of friendliness on an even more intimate scale: dating co-workers. The television show ‘Sex and the City’ shone a light on our more accepting views of relationships outside …

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What is it about the word ‘change’ that has most of us quaking in our boots?

We’ve just rung in the New Year and many people will have made resolutions they have every intention of sticking to. Common goals are health-related, such as eating more healthily given our the indulgence over Christmas, or to give up smoking and not be at risk from related diseases later in life. Come February, the …

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Moving up? For goodness’ sake let go

A topic I frequently hear raised in career coaching and leadership coaching sessions is about the boss that wants to do your job. Just as there are different managerial tiers within organisations, so too are there different levels of thinking required. Consider the diagram below – a common tool in psychometric testing – in terms …

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