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We all have it, but do we all use it wisely? It’s often said that time is money; you wouldn’t waste your hard-earned, so why waste your time?

It doesn’t matter if you work for yourself or for someone else – time management is crucial for success. Poor time management means days run into each other but not much gets done; having a good grasp of the virtues of organisation, of processes and planning and your productivity can rocket. You won’t gain more …

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Face-to-face meetings: are they prehistoric? Should we fight for what some may consider an outdated practice?

It’s been the subject of a study into children’s activity this week: as today’s young people spend increasing time behind a screen, researchers have shown that their generation is physically slower than ours – just as we’re physically slower than our parents’ generation. Our physical evolution prompted discussion regarding other research, concerning our memory; that …

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