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Are you a willow, who bends and flexes against all life throws at you? Or a fragile bloom, who crumbles under pressure?

Resilience: the dictionary definition is: “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties”. Or, as Liggy Webb, founder of The Learning Architect, describes it, resilience is: “how to cope, when everything around you keeps changing”. The one constant about life is that it changes. Whereas some people sail through change as an avenue towards new opportunities, …

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As an executive, could you be accused of wearing ‘the emperor’s new clothes’?

Remember the Hans Christian Andersen tale about the Emperor’s new clothes?  He was tricked into believing he was wearing a splendid outfit, when wearing nothing at all, based on the fawning compliments of his courtiers. Believing he looked so exceptionally fine, he paraded through the streets to the cheering adulation of a well-briefed crowd. One …

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