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My tips towards a happy, healthy, effective work/life balance

Whilst technology and the ability to have a mobile office have made working easier it has also brought its problems. Being able to work anywhere and everywhere has left the decision of when to work firmly in the hands of the individual. Reports can be written during the commute; meetings can be held across oceans …

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Order! Order! The role of the Chairperson in meetings

Just as meetings can vary in length, formality and purpose, the role of the chair can fluctuate, reflecting the needs of the occasion. In meetings with many attendees, or where there are lots of different topics to be considered, a chairperson helps greatly to keep the meeting on track – stepping in if the debate …

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The humble agenda: it’s just a list, right?

There’s little doubt to anyone planning a meeting that an agenda is something to be considered, if only so the host remembers what they called the meeting for in the first place. But is that really all an agenda is useful for? Meetings can easily run into unchartered waters, where attendees can start discussing what …

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