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Mindfulness: a popular, often bandied-about word. But what does it mean?

There are a few interpretations or ways to describe mindfulness, but one is: ‘being in the moment’. If that still seems too vague, it’s an appreciation and awareness of everything you’re doing…right now. It means not longing for what you don’t have, or constantly chasing your tail to achieve one deadline after another without stopping …

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My tips towards a happy, healthy, effective work/life balance

Whilst technology and the ability to have a mobile office have made working easier it has also brought its problems. Being able to work anywhere and everywhere has left the decision of when to work firmly in the hands of the individual. Reports can be written during the commute; meetings can be held across oceans …

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Some business owners say the benefit of their coaching sessions

Amongst other things, is the chance to sit down…. I’ve run my own successful SME so I know just how blurred the lines can be between home and work life. Frustration can often creep in when income doesn’t align with effort and long-term plans are difficult without outside objectivity. As an SME owner I definitely …

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How many days of unpaid overtime do Executives work?

Having held Senior Executive roles, I know that challenges include difficult deadlines, with your family time squeezed as a result.  A Chief Executive told me recently that our coaching sessions were the only time she felt she was heard, on aspects important to her – the rest of her working life was spent listening to others …

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